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luggageMarch 1, 2014

I have been a "Dealer Exchange Driver" in Alabama as a "Contract Worker" for a short while. I was told that the dealership is responsible for insurance while I am driving their cars. However looking over the "Contract Driver Agreement" again there is a paragraph that states that "Driver represents that he maintains Comprehensive Liability insurance as required by Alabama. Does this mean if I were involved in an accident while driving their cars I would be responsible for insurance coverage? I was told the dealer covered the drivers but why would this language be in the contract? Can anyone help.

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The wording of the contract indicates that you are responsible for the Comprehensive Insurance, but you have been told otherwise - I would not trust that. It may be that your boss does carry the insurance and has copied a standard contract form. However, the wording of that contract does place the responsibility on your shoulders, and that's why I would not trust the verbal statement. You would not want to test that out in case of an accident. Verbal statements do not stand up and the written agreement (and signed) does. If the Boss does carry insurance, he should be able to provide you with a signed statement to that effect and also state that the "insurance part" requirement of your contract is null and void.

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I read the statement as the dealer has at least the insurance required by law. If you think about it, if you're in an accident, the dealer is going to want his property protected. If you injure someone else, who do you think that person is going to sue? A "contract driver" or an automobile dealer with hundreds of cars on his lot?

With that said, you might want to investigate, what, if any protection, the dealer's policy affords you if you are injured in a car accident. By "contract driver" I'm going to assume that you are an independent contractor and not an employee of the dealership. You wouldn't be covered by workers compensation insurance as a regular employee would be if injured on the job.

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