1989 Ford Escort SE

rabbit8March 13, 2008

A while back my brake lights were stuck. I couldn't get them to go off unless I disconnected the battery. The problem was some kind of sensor down on the left side of the stirring wheel. I just bought a new battery yesterday and when I got out of my car to go to work last night, the brake lights were stuck again and I had to disconnect the battery. What keeps causing this problem? I'm a female and need some advice on what to do. I admit, I do not drive this car regularly. Please help.

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Most likely the brake light switch is bad, and needs replaced.

BTW, Gender has nothing to do with knowing about cars, frankly it's a choice to either learn a lot about them or not. I know quite a few very competent female auto technicians.

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Thanks John for your help. You are right, knowing about cars is a choice. I do appreciate your help. Again, thanks.

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Auto electrics are notorious for defying logic to anyone other than an expert and the Ford Escort was notorious for bad electrics. I would suggest going to a qualified auto electrician who should be able to examine your escort and diagnose the problem in minutes. Odds on, if it's an Escort, the auto electrician will have seen this problem before and know the best fix.

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