having a problem with my headlights

pondwaterMarch 2, 2010

okay this ius what is happening i have a 99 suziki vitara and the headlights are not turning on the car has drl(daytime running lights) and when those are on all of the lights work just fine (head lights tail lights) but when it comes for night time and my lights turn on it turns on my dash lights but my headlights go out, my tail lights stay on. if i set it to high beams they are still off but if i pull towords me as if to flash a person the lights come on, i have no clue where to start looking for this and need some pointers as where to start

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Assuming all fuse/breakers are fine, I'd be looking at the DRL module. I have encountered both headlights failing (this be back in the days of sealed beams) at the same time, but the fact you have no high beams also would make me think module.

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