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paddleMarch 28, 2006

I just installed a DVD player in our old chevy van for the long trips, kids love it. My question is , how do i get the player to run through the van stereo for the audio? Really do not want the kids to have to all wear headphones, thought therre was a way you could do this without having to actually wire the player to the van stereo.



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One solution is get an FM transmitter which will take the signal from the DVD player output jack and broadcast it on an FM frequency so that you can play it through the existing car FM radio. I linked you to an example. there are a lot of these available. Try your local car audio place and see what they recommend.

good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: FM transmitter

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What happened to the directions that came with the D.V.D. ?
It tells you how to do that. If this is a stand alone add on player it comes with cable adapters that go in series
with the radio. You should have gotten a combo radio - D.V.D. player that replaces your existing van stereo and you wouldn't have this problem.

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