1998 Toyota Camry-Ignition/key problems and were away from home!!

airforceguyMarch 7, 2008

What a great time for this to take place! We reside in VA, and now in RI on a few days of holidays!! Will be calling the Toyota dealership in a few minutes when they open, but thought I would throw this out here for any help!

1998 toyota Camry 4 cyclinder with 70,000 miles. Very good condition, never have had any problems with it.


the key goes into the ignition no problem, BUT wont completely turn!! only moves a few centimetres!! I have tried moving the steering wheel, maybe this is odd, but it takes a bit to "lock" the steering wheel.

This happened to me once on Wed for the first time, but then after a few seconds of fidgety with the key, it started. The next time it happened was ysterday on our trip!! But eventually the key was able to completely turn and thus start the car!! Needless to say, never shut the car off again!! And this morning I was out trying to start it with no luck! key goes in, moves a few cm's and thats it. Not sure if this matters, but the steering wheel is not locked!! One cn move the tires!! I can lock the steering wheel, and with the key, with a bit of fidgeting, can unlock it!! Not sure if that matters, but trying to throw as much info out as possible.

And yes I have used my other set of keys, and both keys appear to be in fine condition. Thanks all

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One of your tumblers is hanging up. Lack of lubrication,
dust, grease,bent or the actual ingition switch went into
melt down and will not move. hope you get it sorted.

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They just phoned, it is the ignition cylinder. $250 plus taxes, and will be installed tomorrow. Glad they found the problem!! Is this where I rave and rant of the high $$$$ to fix it? lol No, I think it is reasonable. And so far the service has been excellent. They were full, but once I explained I was from out of town, they fit me in! Would I have preferred to gone to a small local garage to get the service completed rather than the toyota dealership? Yes of course, but don't know of any, and my inlaws just goto the dealership. Maybe I should just trade it in on a new Scion TC,lol

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There are verfy few independent shops that have invested in the equipment required to program keys and in some cases ignition switches. It's quite likely with this particular failure the dealer was your only option anyway.

In fact some manufacturers have been very slow to even grant access to the software that would allow an independent shop to service the immobilizer systems, Toyota being one of them. Glad they are getting you going.

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