Windshield Ding-Repair or Replace?

cheerful1_gwMarch 10, 2007

A rock hit the windshield of our Dakota. We have glass coverage under our insurance, but we would like to repair the ding, since it's small. Anyone have any product suggestions?

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I have not had good luck with even professional windshield scratch repair. I had one right smack dab in the the center of the window in front of the driver's view and it drove me breserk even after it was repaired. From here on out it's new windhields end of story.

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I've had two of those done , the first was a chip you couldn't see after the repair unless you looked really close , but the second had a crack in the glass and didn't look repaired at all , so I ended up replacing the windshield anyway . My advice is to replace the windshield , they're not that expensive and these days they'll do it right in your very own driveway in about an hour or less .

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If the ding is not directly in your line of sight I would get it repaired as long as there is no crack leading from the ding. The type of ding that looks like a little round bubble fills in well.

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You have the insurance get it replaced.I have had this happen to me twice and never had a insurance premium increase because of it.Windsheilds are not cheap on todays cars.The capsulated type that many cars today have.I have a $50.00 glass breakage deductible.Windshields that I had replaced were for a 1994 Cavalier and a 1999 Cavalier they were around $500.00 glad I had the insurance coverage and will not be with out it.The is a freak or act of god accident.It does not affect your insurance record and will not drive up your rates.

Both times were not fixable claims.One was right in the drivers line of sight.So a new windshield was the only methods.The second time a bolt fell off a flat bed truck and darn near came through the windshield.Truck did not know it happened and with a smashed windshild he was off the hook.Nothing I could do to turn him in.

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I too got my windshield replaced during cold season since it got cracked. Bulls Eye will replace it very well. I visited them at

Here is a link that might be useful: Windshield

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you guys have very bad glass repair companies. Our companies can repair a " bulls eye " hit the size of a 2 inch golf ball and you will NEVER see the repair.I've had that repair. If a " bolt came off a truck " and came through our windshield you just get the plate # or name of the truck company and they PAY for everything. Our insurance. Their fault.

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