2006 vw beetle

rabbit8March 21, 2010

I have 2006 beetle and almost have it paid for. I am considering buying thr 2010 beetle. The 2006 beetle that I have, only have 25,000 miles on it. Will it be a good ideaa to trade it in a a new one? Please give advice. I'm a female and need some directions. I don't want to make a decision I will regret. Please help. Thanks for you time.

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I've owned 3 vw's in my life and regretted buying them all! IMO they're all junk. Having said that, in your situation it's better to keep what you have. jmo. Why would you want to trade what you have for another one anyway?

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The most expensive way to have personal transportation that anyone can adopt is to always be driving as new of a car as someone thinks that they can afford.

Your Beetle has (will have) 25,000 miles on it and it will be paid off. That car with service and yes some repairs could easily see twenty years of age and ten times the mileage, although not at the pace you are using it. Yours will only have around 100,000 miles on it, at approximately 20 years.

On the day you pay off your Beetle. Take $100 and go open a brand new savings account. When the next payment on your Beetle would have been due if you had not of paid it off, you have to make a deposit to that savings account in the amount that your payment would have been. The only time you can use the money that goes into that savings account is if your Beetle needs a repair that exceeds $1000. Or on the day when it finally does not make any sense to keep your Beetle. Repairs like brakes, tires, fluid changes, etc all have to be budgeted for and paid for through your normal income. You must still make that payment to your car savings account even when you have these other normal automobile expenses, because that's what it would be like if you actually had a car payment.

Now "IF" you follow these rules, and you make your Beetle last as long as you can, when the day finally comes where you need to replace it, it will have provided you with enough cash for you to go buy anything that you want, with double (maybe even triple) that amount left over.

Trading your car in every time one is paid off lets someone else have all of that money. Yes your car will break once in a while, and you will need a good mechanic/technician to keep fixing it, but that is what we do. One of my regular customers has been practicing this now for well over ten years and her Oldsmobile is getting pretty rough. She is going to put about $1300 into it next week, and we are thinking that she will only go two, maybe three more years with it. It will go over 200,000 miles next year. She is free to replace it any time she desires, but loves the $40K+ that she has in her car bank account too much right now to change cars yet. She wants 50K in there first if she can do it, and then she is planning on spending about $30K on her next car.

Her next car, will be the first brand new that car she has ever owned. The Oldsmobile was two years old when she bought it. When she buys her next car, she will keep making the car payment to her savings. She is going to have the dealership give her the new payment amount first, pay cash for the car and then from that time on make the new higher payment to her savings.

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I'd keep that beetle. The beetle as we know it now is ending production this August. There isn't a lot of difference between an 2006 and 2010. Were you thinking of getting a special edition version such as the Red Rock or Final Edition? That might change my opinion. Beetles hold their value better than a lot of other vehicles.

I love beetles so much that I have four. A 67, a 99, a 2003 convertible and a 2010.

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ive looked at buying 2 different VW Beetles an 04' and a 06' and both have the same problem... head gasket. is this common fault with the beetles?

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ive looked at buying 2 different VW Beetles an 04' and a 06' and both have the same problem... head gasket. is this common fault with the beetles?

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