Battery or starter or neither?

NikeMarch 28, 2006

Hi. I have a Rav 4 2002 with it's original battery in it, and over the past month when I start my car it seems like there isn't the same amount of ooomph as before. Of course I ignored it figuring it was just me.

Now within the past couple of days after turning the key I hear a "deeer.......(PAUSE)..........." before the car starts up. It's like there's a slight start then LOTS of hesitation (as I'm still holding the key in position) then it starts up. Does this sound like I need a new battery or is it the starter or something else?


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Battery, starter, solinoid, battey cable connections, or charging system trouble, are the common problems. Odds are it's the battery. If you want, remove and clean the connections at the battery. Reinstall making sure they're tight. Then turn on the headlights and observe what happens when you try to start it. If they go very dim or out when you try to start it after cleaning the connections, odds are it's the battery. If they remain bright, it's something else.

Another idea, a lot of places that sell batteries will test yours for free if you remove it. Some will test the battery and your charging system right in the car. The batteries at those places might be a few bucks more, but you don't have to get dirty or risk burning a hole in your clothes with battery acid either. jmo

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Thanks for the advice! I will do that. I'm guessing it's the battery also. I'm having it checked out tomorrow. Your suggestions are good to know. Thanks!

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