Make your engine combust fuel more completely, increase mileage!

chshMarch 27, 2006

Clean Air Act

A small San Diego company is playing a big role in reducing air pollution in Beijing as China clears the air for the 2008 Olympics

IN THREE YEARS, when athletes from around the world descend on Beijing for the 2008 Olympics, they can thank a San Diego company for the cleaner air filling their lungs. The same holds true for Shanghai, host of soccers World Cup in 2010.

The cleaner air will be due in large part to a fuel additive produced by Ethos Environmental Inc., near the Mexico border in San Diego.

Ethos EnvironmentalÂs fuel reformulating products reduce emissions by burning fuel more completely, which improves fuel mileage. Exhaust is essentially unburned fuel, wasted fuel, so when the fuel is used more completely the engine delivers better mileage from every tank. Efficient fuel use also means improved engine performance, because a more complete combustion process obtains increased power from each engine revolution.

In the last decade hundreds of millions of miles in road tests have been conducted. Test after test, Ethos FR products have proven to reduce engine exhaust emissions by 30% and more, including measurable reductions in the emissions of hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and sooty exhaust or particulate matter (PM). All of these emissions are highly toxic. As a result, fuel mileage increases have been significant, ranging from 7% to 19% fleet we.

Ethos Environmental uses a opacity meter, a detection device for diesel vehicles that measures the percentage of opacity (light obstructed form passage through an exhaust smoke plume), to demonstrate dramatic reductions in emissions. In more that 1,000 heavy-duty diesel vehicles treated (a motor vehicle having a manufacturerÂs maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 6,000 pounds), emissions were lowered by as much as 90%. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) recommended practice SAE J1667 "Snap Acceleration Smoke Test Procedure" for heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles was used. Attached are samples of opacity test sheets, taken from diesel-powered engines, contrasting the positive results after using Ethos FR.

Fuel And Maintenance Costs Savings:

 Increases Miles-Per-Gallon between 7% and 19% Fleet-Wide

 Enhances Engine Performance and Extends Engine Life by Reducing Heat Produced by Friction

Fines And Downtime are Reduced Due To Air Pollution And Repairs:

 Reduces Toxic Emissions By 30% or More

 Free Of Carcinogens

 Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous

 Not a Petrochemical

 99.99976% Ashless upon Combustion

Works With All Fuels:

 Improves Combustion

 Cleans Fuel System

 Lubricates Moving Components

watch the news go to

and watch all 4 Fox and NBC and then sign up for free next 10 days only!!




It's a binary with a back end unilevel. With the

sign up free for the next 10 days the first paydays after the launch

meetings in San Diego on the 5th should be nice. People will see the 70,000'

manufacturing complex and realize this is a big deal. Incredible TV news

pieces on the site.

All you do is have people watch the News Videos, it does the talking

for you...

position now, before April 5th!!

this will be HUGE!

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That's right boys and girls! You too can make a GAZILLION DOLLARS with this company!
That's right! For ONLY $19.95 you can be in on this GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY!!!
You can get all your friends and neighbors to have this product in their cars and just like the 1,000 mile per gallon carburetor that was BANNED by the oil companies, you can thumb your nose at the local Exxon station!
This guy claims a fuel savings of 7 to 19 percent. So it's probably closer to the mid range. So we'll take the average of his claims. 13 percent savings. My Expedition gets 19 MPG on the highway. So we'll add 13% increase. WOW WEE! It'll get 21.4 MPG! My Dakota gets 14 MPG. So add 13% and I'll get 15.8! If this product sells for under $3 I might consider it. Otherwise the gas is cheaper. And if I have to add it every time I fill up.....

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OK, it's easy to get excited about something when there is no apparent reason to suspect that it may be a scam. Gasoline and Diesel fuel are actually both blends of lots of different hydrocarbon chemicals. Thats just one of the reasons we have computer controls that provide instant adjustment of air fuel ratio's and timing curves. Oh, and yes today's diesels are computer contolled we simply have to wait for the fleet to age and pass before the majority of diesels are computer controlled.

IMO, no additive dumped in a fuel tank is going to make a significant improvement in the efficiency, and cleanliness of the older designs. No additive is going to improve today's automobiles.

What you described about getting people into this "investment" has all of the appearance of a classic pyramid scheme. The only guarantee's about that are a few people will get some money, and some of them will return it (or at least some of it) under the threat of prosecution. Many will lose their "investment". Pyramid schemes are illegal, and for good reason. If there was any merit to this product, they would have no short list of people (with big bucks) interested in investing, and they wouldn't be looking for the "little guy".

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Advertising is not allowed on the garden web, pedel your junk elsewhere.

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This is an Ad!!!

And it contains mis-statements. Take for example the quote below:

"Exhaust is essentially unburned fuel, wasted fuel, so when the fuel is used more completely the engine delivers better mileage from every tank."

Exhaust of a properly running engine is pricipally the products of burned fuel, a small amount of unburned fuel and hot air, a lot of hot air. Most of the small amount of unburned fuel get oxidized in the catalytic converter, so at the tail pipe, there's not much unburned fuel.

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It's ashame people have to push unproven merchandise. Anyway, for those that want to just discuss fuel savings including saving gas at the pump, I found an interesting fuel savings talk forum. It looks like its new, but has a lot of fuel talk categories. They aren't selling anything, only a message board as we used to call them.

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