Diswasher Won't Fill, Ideas

andrelaplume2February 17, 2014

Our 6 year old Kenmore Ultrawash is not cleaning anymore. Usually, when this occurs, I take everything apart and clean the area near the chopper. No luck this time.

I ran a fast wash with everything apart. I notice a little bit water appearing in the chopper area, certainly not enough to wash with...rising no where near the heating element.

I assume its either the float....which I have been unable to find on the Kenmore, the water inlet valve...which I am unsure how to tell if this is the culprit since I thought that when this part died **no** water would appear in the tub at all...or finally the pump...which I think means get a new dw!


If it is indeed DOA...what brand can I look at that is quiet and hopefully will last more than 6 years in the $500 price range. I paid $$$$ for a Maytag years ago and it did not last much longer than the Kenmore...and I think Maytag's name has become mud. There is a $550 Bosch model that rated decently in CR...but there are a lot of nasty reviews about it. The comparable Kenmore o mine seems to be of far lesser quality. Again, thoughts?

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I posted a response in your first thread.

Which dishwasher in $500 range

1. You haven't included the model number in any of your three threads. Providing the model number would allow helpful people to check parts diagrams to get a handle on what is the mechanism of the machine of question.

2. With only a few exceptions, dishwashers are timed-fill -- the water runs in for a specific period of time per the timer or cycle control board (usually 1 to 2 minutes). If there's a float, it is only for overfill protection and does not control the normal fill level. That being said, a float stuck in the "up" position would prevent the fill valve from energizing.

3. The pump has nothing to do with filling the machine with water. Household water pressure (like from a running faucet) provides the water fill, through the valve when it's energized. The pump only sprays the water that is filled into the tub .... it can't spray what's not there. You've visually confirmed that there isn't enough water filling into the tub so the pump seemingly is not involved in the problem.

4. A water valve clogged with debris or accumulated mineral deposits (do you have hard water? a household water softener?) will obstruct the incoming water flow (the water runs too slow to fill enough in the allotted time). The valve can also fail mechanically (there's a rubber diaphram, plunger and spring inside it), or electrically (electro-magnetic solenoid coil). In some cases the valve may energize for a moment when cold, then the coil breaks-down and fails when it gets warm from use. The valve solenoid can of course be checked for continuity with a volt/ohm meter.

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From OP's description, I'd bet on compromised fill-valve. Failures not uncommon even in new machines from time-to-time although this one sounds like calcification or other clogging. Easy and cheap to replace.

If there is ANY water coming in, that would indicate the valve is getting its signal. It just isn't letting enough water in before getting timed out. Dadoes' description is good.

If the machine is operating normally otherwise and you like it otherwise, I wouldn't hesitate fixing this simple problem -- or hiring someone to fix it for you.

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I think I will try or have my plumber try a new inlet valve. I looked high and low for the float...dont see it. Yes, hard water but yes a functioning water softener. Sounds like it may be worth fixing if just that part. Thanks!

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The inlet valve is an electrical part of the dishwasher, not a part of the household plumbing. Plumbers don't ordinarily do appliance repairs.

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A handyman could disconnect the water inlet and check the screen. He could probably replace the valve is need be.

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The model number is: 665.13734K600. I think I see the part but it looks unlike what I have seen in you tube videos...perhaps buying a replacement will give me an idea of how to get it out....or I'll wait for my plumber....

I did stop at private appliance store...in fact a store where I bought my maytag years ago...it was a dud too. Anyway, they actually have a few models in Bisque...the recommended one being a GE fro $439...BUT...the guy spent more time telling me not to worry about the dw and to just go get the part and have it replaced....he did not stock it...he also gave me the brand of a tablet they recommended.

GE's do not seem to have the greatest rep from what I have read...but he reccomeded it over the Kitchen Aid he sold...for the money...

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Your valve is item #7 on the "Fill and Overfill" diagram at SearsPartsDirect.com.

The household incoming water line attaches to the valve at the round brass connector (the #7 arrow points to it in the diagram). Note the valve may not be oriented the same way in its mounting position on the dishwasher as its shown in the diagram.

The dishwasher's fill flume connects via the hose shown as item #2 on the diagram to the smaller port as indicated by the dashed line.

Part Number 8563407, substitutes to W10158389.

Sears lists $47.33.

RepairClinic.com lists $38.75 (they have a video clip showing how to test the valve with a meter)

AppliancePartsPros.com lists $37.16.

PartsDr.com lists $32.36.

There are many other parts sources online.

Your dishwasher was manufactured for Sears by Whirlpool.

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I got the inlet valve off partdr...came in days...finally got the plumber to put it in (probably should have done it myself BUT he was available and he is a SAFER bet than me!)

It worked!

Thanks all!

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