Wall ovens Electrolux Icon or Dacor ?

fly-weightFebruary 7, 2012

I like the fact that I get a live person when I phone Dacor and ask about warranty, they have 3 years right now. Electrolux I cannot even find their phone No. Any tips or suggestions on which to choose? I am also open to other brands. I want to purchase a double set.

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If you go to the Electrolux Web-site and click "Support" a window drops down, and written in red is "Contact Us".
If you then click that, you will see "This" :

Contact us by phone:
Fax: 706-228-6615

Address info
Electrolux Major Appliances
North America
2715 Washington Road
Augusta, GA 30909

Google Dacor oven reviews, then do the same for Electrolux Oven Reviews.

I did, but I will let you see for yourself , as I own an Elux oven, (Over 5 years now), so I'm biased!

Good Luck on your hunt!
If You have question about my Elux oven or Speed oven, I will be very happy to answer them.

You can also do a search in Garden web for dodge59 Electrolux, and see probably more posts by me than you really wanted to?


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Had Dacor Discovery oven but never could get it to work so now Electrolux for 4 years. I love the Electrolux. Search this forum for more info.

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I am giving some very serious thought to this set. Thanks for the input!


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We are going with the Electrolux Icon Professional as well. Love the glide racks and the reviews that I have seen are good! Best of luck!

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had Dacor for 10 years not one service call! Love the 4 part convection. Can cook salmon and cupcakes at the same time and zero flavor transference! I am doing a remodel and will be putting all Dacor in again! They have a new wall oven RO130S that has two cleaning options 1. a "green clean" option that steam cleans and 2. the standard self clean. You get to chose how you clean your oven. It is also the huge inside. They showed me 2 20lb turkeys side by side inside the oven! The single oven is $2999 and it comes with a free 3 year parts and labor warranty from Dacor!

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We have a Kenmore Elite wall oven made by Electrolux. Every time we do a self-clean, there is a thermal switch on the back that needs to be reset. This has happened to us several times. We usually decide when we want to do the self-clean and book a service call too.

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