Wood Hood Insert Advice/Recommendations

chris11895February 16, 2013

We need to select a hood for our Lacanche Citeaux. We're doing a custom wood hood and it will vent directly out the back of the house since it's on an exterior wall. I've been reading a fair amount about hoods and I'm still confused as to what is best for our situation.

The rangetop will have (2) 15K burners, (1) 18K burner, (1) 11K burner and (1) 5K burner plus the la plancha.
Any recommendation for a hood that is quiet in this setup and what steps we need to ensure it's quiet is greatly appreciated. Not that I have money to burn, but my last hood was loud and annoyed the heck out of us, so I'm ok with paying a little more.

Also, it's a new build so I assume I need to worry about MUA?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I have had a Trade-Wind hood (and silencer in the attic) for several months now and love it; we do a bit of high-heat cooking. At its loudest, I cannot hear a conversation away from the stove, but that just tells me it's doing its job. I usually have it on low for most dishes. I might open the window if I think of it when the fan is on high, but often I don't think of it. :)

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Thanks, I haven't heard of Trade-Wind and will look into them. Does yours vent through your attic or out the back?
Thanks again for the input!

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