Toyota Rav4 acceleration lag issue

pearsundaeMarch 15, 2010

I been having problem since last week with my rav4.

when depressing the gas padel the car notice that the car's meter only goes up to 2000 and the car couldn't accelerate but after letting go the gas pedal and depress a couple of more time the car moves and was able to get it up pass the 2000 which seems fine but when I come to complete stop the problem happens again. please help

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Your description allows for at least two, if not several more potential issues. The first one being that the PCM is detecting an issue with the gas pedal, or throttle body and is commanding "limp-in" mode. The second could be something causing a genuine engine performance issue such as a clogged catalytic converter, or a restricted fuel or air filter.

Is the check engine light on? If so can you report what code is setting? Beyond that, a technician will have to look at this and analyze the issue, its not something that anyone could just say what is wrong based on the description alone.

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