Chevrolet 350, potential problem?

steve73March 23, 2008

IÂve been in the market lately for a used 4WD pickup. Trying to find something inexpensive (donÂt want payments) has been quite an ordeal as anything under $5K is pretty well rusted here in MN.

I did locate a Chevy 2500 that looks fairly decent (aside from the rust) but after driving it I have a question for those in the know. Under acceleration the 350 V8 makes a mild clicking/sputtering type noise. It doesn't sound metalic & IÂm no expert, but I wonder if this could possibly be exhaust manifold related? This 1994 truck has 175K miles and is equipped with a "new" catalytic converter. So just assuming that the previous converter had a problem, could that have brought on manifold type issues?

FWIW, this truck is on a lot of an independent dealer, the type that gets the high mileage vehicles that new car dealers donÂt want around. Would this truck even be worth considering if the price were adjusted a bit? I just want this truck for occasional use near home. TIA for any possible help.

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That "clicking" noise may be a leaky exhaust gasket, the gasket between the exhaust manifold and engine head. If this is all that it is, there probably is no engine damage. Replacing this gasket is relatively straight forward, but does require considerable labor. Check it out before ordering parts.

If the leak is at the rear of the manifold, check to see if there is a modification kit such as a longer manifold stud with a brass/bronze spacer under the nut.

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