summer is here

bill_hMarch 22, 2006

Detroit News 3/21/06 gasoline prices how high will they go? "We`re well-positioned to see $3-a-gallon gasoline this summer" said Mark Griffin, president of the Michigan Petroleum Association. " Our costs have gone up considerably". In the meantime, prices are likely to continue rising, said Doug MacIntyre, an analyst with the Energy Departments Energy Information Administration. AHHH summers here, dont have to heat the house for a couple of months. welcome to summer of 06 everyone.

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There costs have went up considerably.So has everyone elses costs.I also do not buy the higher demand for summer reasoning that is thrown in the air either.Everyone I know around my area uses less fuel in the summer then winter.Gas mileage just is not as good during the winter.Warming up a vehical and they take more gas during warm up.Sure you have summer travelers going on vacation for a week maybe two.That might mean a few tanks of gas extra.But many stay home and still get a vacation from work.So there not burning gas to get to work.It all equals out about the same I feel.Its just Summer greed kicking in to make up for the money they will loose on heating costs.Come fall gas prices will drop and they will begin there heating fuel costs line of greed.

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