Inexpensive dishwasher for cabin ?

jsfoxFebruary 5, 2013

We're looking for an inexpensive dishwasher for our cabin. The original (1971 KA) finally gave up. We've had Askos in our house that we really love, but don't want to spend that much since we'll likely be tearing it down in a couple of years. Frig, Wpool, and GE seem to be the cheaper options. Any recommendations on reliability of these or other recommendations?

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Think they are all pretty much the same at the bottom end of the price spectrum.
Just understand that they wont last as long as the KA did.

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Sales people kept recommending Maytag when I was out shopping for a dishwasher recently. I would stay away from anything GE Profile in a dishwasher, unless they fixed A LOT of issues in the past 2 years.

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Search on the brand names as there have been numbers of recent discussions.

Just three more comments.

First, you might want to add the Bosch Ascenta DWs to your list. There are likely to be some serious discounts during the Presidents' Day weekend sales. Consumer Reports rates them highly. A lot of the less expensive DWs have very long cycle times. Long as in in over two hours. IIRC, the Ascentas run at about 95 minutes.

Second, a lot of folks here have said good things about Whirlpool DW products (which include Maytags as well as Kitchenaid, Jenn Air, and some Kenmore units). However, there is a raucous and angry controversy about some small number of recent WP units having had problems with electrical burn-outs. Anger has been stirred because some of those burnouts have resulted in house fires and WP has denied any responsibility while others feel that there were pretty clearly some manufacturing defects and that a recall ought to be ordered. The search here will turn up links to those discussions which you can read and see what you think. I have no first hand experience with Frigidaire DWs, but I think I recall there being at least a couple of GW discussions within the last year. Again, try a search.

Third, reliability data is pretty hard to come by. I know of only one readily accessible source, which is Consumer Reports' annual surveys its members about recent (within the last six years) appliance purchases. (Some folks refer to JD Powers ratings, but that only actually measures whether people were pleased with the appearance whether the appliance failed right out of the box.) Some 86,000 CR members reported having purchased DWs since 2007. Bosch and Whirlpool DWs scored the best reliability rates. which was defect rates of 8% within the first six years. The Maytag statistic is a dismal 16%. That number likely includes DW designs made and sold under the former management which all but destroyed the company's reputation for product quality. AFAIK, the Maytags made since 2011 are made on the same production line as other Whirlpool DW products and so should have the same quality as the current WP designs). Frigidaire DWs came in with a nearly-as-dismal 15% reported defect rate. GE owners reported a middling 12% defect rate. Kenmore reportedly has a 10% defect rate but it is hard to know what to make of that report because Sears sources Kenmore DWs from everybody including LG. And speaking of LG, CR members reported a genuinely awful 20% defect rate.

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I think the anger justified.

They are the only company with a measurable amount of dishwashers catching fire and causing damage yet claim there is nothing wrong with them.

This is a classic risk mgmt. case in which a decision has been made to stonewall because the cost of litigation and any subsequent payouts is cheaper than actually fixing the problem.

I personally abhor this attitude, and won't do business with a company that run this way. Couple this with the fact that there offings are not that great performance or looks wise, and I marvel that they have survived this long. I guess there are still tons of dumb consumers out there.

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>>>"They are the only company with a measurable amount of dishwashers catching fire and causing damage yet claim there is nothing wrong with them."Well, actually, this kind of thing not not exclusive to the WP corporate family, and WP is not the only company with problem electronics in their appliances, and not the only one who has had to be taken to task for appliance fires. Not to defend WP but Have a look at the CR article linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: CR on Kitchen Fire Safety

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we have a Frigidaire professional from plessers for nearly a year now and it works just fine. occasional missed spot if loading is not just right but otherwise satisfactory

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Hey fox, why not just get a quality DW like your other Asko , or a Miele ?

You can use it NOW, and enjoy it's benefits for many years to come. Simply remove it for the remodel, store it and then reuse it in the new place. Buy the best, buy it once.

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