Induction Cooktop Selection Reviews

diab123February 22, 2013

Plan to put in an induction cooktop in kitchen reno.
Those who have experience with them I'd sure appreciate any/all input as to brands and features to consider.

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Have you tried running a google search of the gardenweb site? This topic has been addressed numerous times. Try doing a bit of research and asking a more specific question, it will be more helpful than just rehashing something that has been discussed before.

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We don't own an induction cooktop yet, but here are some observations based on a lot of research and a few hours playing with live units in showrooms:

Don't obsess about power ratings - the difference between a 3.6kW boost and a 4.4kW boost is not especially important in reality.

Look closely at installation instructions; some cheaper units require large clearances underneath, which eats into your cabinet space.

Some models have around nine power levels, others have as many as twenty-five. One of the great virtues of induction is precision control; I think too few power levels would negate that advantage. I suspect that nine levels is not enough and even twelve would be marginal, but I don't have enough experience to say for sure.

A clear numeric display of the current power level for each burner is a must, IMO (see comments above about precision). Amazingly, Wolf doesn't have this; I think every other model does.

Noise can be an issue on cheaper models. People complain about loud fans and clicking sounds.

There is a lot of variation in burner placement, and some variation in the mix of burner sizes. Think about how you would work on the cooktop, what pans you use (measure the diameters of the flat parts of their bases, NOT the diameters of their tops), and in what combinations, then map that onto the different layouts that are available. You can easily go 1" oversize and 2" undersize on most models; some are significantly more forgiving than that.

Do you want trim around the edge? No trim is easier for clean-up.

Controls that let you set a level with a single tap are more convenient that those which force you to tap "+" or "-" multiple times. Separate controls for each burner (as opposed to a two step select-then-adjust) are also handy. I think Electrolux is the only maker that combines both of those.

Try very hard to find some live units you can play with.

Read user manuals (you can find them online). Read lots of reviews.

Come back here with specific questions (but search first, because most questions have already been answered).

Come to terms with the fact that your ideal unit does not exist; you have to decide where to compromise.

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peterh2, thank you! very helpful info!

realism, I had been using the search function on gardenweb which is just not good---doing the google search will help me find info that has already been answered.

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