Bowl ID please

rjingaDecember 22, 2009

I posted this elsewhere but will ask for your 02 if you dont mind humoring me.

I have had these bowls for probably 15 years, I purchased them because I liked them, didn't know anything about them. I dont see any noticeable marks on them, there are some vague, not very clear raised areas on one.

I would like to find out more about them and what approximate value they have and so far I have found one similar (lookwise anyway) on ebay. It was called shoulder bowls, white stoneware, crock bowl.

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Where did you purchase them......a store? Pottery? New? Used?

What strikes me is that the pattern and bottoms are different on the two smaller bowls than the two larger ones. Were they supposed to be a set?

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I honestly do not recall where they were purchased, most likely one of a few different places, antique store, swap meet, estate sale. Not sure if they have been used, wouldn't have any idea of how to tell that.

They were sold/purchased as a set, whether or not they are a true set, I dont know. the 2 larger bowls have a different bottom than the 3 smaller ones. They are ALL the same material and color/texture.

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These are "crock bowls"...used for well more than 100 years and as far as I know still made today. I KNOW for sure they were being made in the 1970's.
They are like the old ones, but judging by the wear, not too old.
The 3 smaller ones look newer than the larger ones.
The ID is crock way to tell the maker for sure.
The unglazed rim was often used to sharpen can see that the largest of the smaller ones has some marks on the rim looking like it was used as a hone.
Linda C

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gawd I love this place - constantly something new to learn. Unglazed rims are/were used for sharpening? That explains one of my old bowls from my grandmother.

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Yep, seen my Mama whet a few knives on them too. I don't think they're a 'set'. At least the smaller ones don't belong with the larger ones. Hard to tell the age just looking at them, because like already said, that style has been around a good long while. They're coarser than the kitchen crockery sets what were more popular for everyday use in later years, but that's a generality. Most housewives over the years replaced them with lighter bowls, so many you see are 'older'. And that's a subjective word, isn't it. LOL Those sold in recent years were probably more for the rustic decorative look than use. Hard to tell the age on them, especially from a photograph, because it really just depends on how hard they were used. I still use them when I'm putting up fruit because the larger sizes can hold half a bushel easily. And I keep a couple of them for kraut crocks.

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I just noticed the Franciscan Apple pattern little plate in the 1 pic. It was made in Ca. in L.A. area, usually marked I think but some pieces may not have been, used to have a discount/seconds store in San Fernando. It went out long ago.

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Actually it's Franciscan Ware Desert Rose.....and sadly now being made in japan..or china...or somewhere other than California.

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I have two like the bigger ones. Can't make a good cake or a cookie unless I use one of my bowls. LOL

I've had them for so long I don't remember. The grand daughters are fighting over them already. Two bowls, three grand daughters. LOL

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Fori is not pleased

I have one too, sort of. Now I know not to even try to ID it. :) Those square-based ones are so understatedly elegant.

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Sometimes the patterned ones can be traced back to a certain manufacturer.

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Lindac, you are right, I was looking at how to spell Franciscan & the apple on the plate on the page stuck in my mind.It is Desert Rose & I think their most popular pattern.The company made a lot of other things & it was fun to go in the store. I bought things in there but must have given them as gifts. They had figurines, salt & peppers & pots for your garden as well as dishes. Not sure if they made all of it but think they did!

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I have three large ones that I inherited from my mother. I bought a larger one, 18 inches in diameter at an antique auction last week to add to the collection. I use them for bread, pickles, and best of all, when I make batches of divinity.

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