MANY constraints for 30" range hood--any suggestions?

needinfo1February 24, 2013

Here is what I am looking for:

Baffles, 30" wide, wall mount (not fitting into a cabinet), no deeper than 22" (20" preferable), max 600 cfm, and quiet. Something that won't look too our of place in a kitchen that is designed around cabinetry from the 1920s to 1930s and has a more old house or period feel to it.

And, here is our situation and why I am looking for the above. We took out a 30" old Jenn-Air downdraft and replaced it with the just-discontinued 30" Wolf all gas. When we went into this we knew we'd have to figure out ventilation and that it wouldn't be easy considering all of the constraints we have to deal with.

The Wolf has been in for about three weeks now, and we actually haven't missed ventilation for smoke or smells or grease. However, we have noticed that our kitchen does heat up noticeably when using the range. In Minnesota in February, this is fabulous. But, we know we won't be at all thrilled in July.

Now that the range purchase has been finalized, we are in search of a hood. Forget what is optimal as far as a hood for this range; we are just looking for something that is doable for our situation and set up. We are going to have to go up and into the ceiling joists and make a right turn there before running about four feet to an exterior wall on our stucco, 2 1/2 story, one hundred year old house.

The range is on an interior wall with no cabinetry on it (and we don't intend to put any on that wall). BUT, on the perpendicular adjoining wall we have exisiting cabinetry whose doors if fully opened will bump into a hood. For this reason we do not want a 24" deep hood because it would cause the most constriction and allow a door to only open perhaps 70 degrees. If we go with a 20" depth, we can probably open the door 90 degrees. So, we want a hood no deeper than 22" and preferably 20" or so. Glass hoods are out because of the possibility of breakage by being hit by a cabinet door. And, because of this cabinetry, we can not go any wider than the 30" of the range. We do not want to deal with make up air, so 600 cfm is our max.

And, of course, I'd prefer something somewhat attractive (probably an impossible dream) and fairly simple.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've been searching and searching and haven't come across many options--maybe Vent a Hood or KitchenAid Architect or XO--that might meet all of our criteria. What am I missing? So many lines seem to only be mesh filters, and I really don't want to go that route.

Thanks much. I know there are really some hood gurus who post here from time to time.

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Off top of my head, having helped friend recently, Faber Magnum hood has baffles and is not too deep.

Here is a link that might be useful: Faber Magnum Hood

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Needinfo1, are you talking about the type of hood that has a chimney looking thing that hides the vent? Have you looked at Windster hoods? Not sure if they have something that meets your styling criteria, but they do have some models that meet your other requirements re: cfm, measurements, and baffles. Costco carries a few brands online, too.

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buffalotina--Thanks, but I called Faber and that is not finished on the top so it will only go under a cabinet.

Mary--I went through all of the Windsters, and there actually is one that would fit. Thanks for the tip! I am starting to get to the point where the realization is hitting that I am probably going to have to forgo any hope of even dealing with stylistic considerations because just finding a fit is going to have to take precedence. Aaaak! Just went back and looked again, and saw the only one that would fit is 620 cfm which takes us into the slippery slope of makeup air. No way we can go there!

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I would try Kobe. I just purchased a chx9130sb, which tops out at I think 630 CFM, but they seem to have some if the quieter hoods I saw. It won't be installed until May, so no review yet. It does meet the rest of your requirements though.

Also check out aj Madison online. You can sort things there by lots of criteria. I found that helpful initially, I could look at the specs for many models.

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My problem is that we believe our state code makes people install make up air if their hood is rated for anything over 600. This is making the entire process quite dificult for us.

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needinfo1, I would check with your local building department. Codes may be different for new construction and when making changes to existing structures.

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