help!! can't remove pulley from water pump

jasper60103March 16, 2008

I can't figure out how to remove the pulley from my water pump. FYI. Car is 1988 Olds Delta 88 (3800 V6 engine).

There are 4 small pulley bolts on the face of the wheel. I remove those, no problem. Then the instructions say something about removing a long bolt via a access hole.

I see the access hole, but have no idea how to remove the bolt. In fact, I can't even see the bolt! This hole is only about 3/16" in diameter.

Here's the link to the instructions from Autozone.

See step #4. Thats whats unclear to me.



Here is a link that might be useful: Water Pump - GM Bonneville/Eighty Eight/LeSabre 1986-1999

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I assume that your car has front wheel drive.

Look at the right front fender. Does it have a flexible or removable flap/panel? If so, your job will be easier if you access the pump through this opening. You will need to remove the front wheel.

Begin jacking up the car. Before all the weight of the car has been taken off the wheel, loosen, but do not remove the lug nuts. Finish raising the car and support the car on jack stand(s). Remove the wheel and access panel. Continue with changing the pump.

Exercise caution. The car must be firmly supported. Do not take shortcuts or chances.

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I don't think you understand my problem. thanks anyway.

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You pulled the four little bolts, and the pulley won't come off? It's likely seized to the hub with rust. Try some heat around the hub flange, then tap or pry a little on the pulley. Don't force it so hard that you bend it!. Another trick is heat it, then dump water onto it to rapidly cool it. Try tapping and/or prying again. Then heat and cool it again. This usually causes the rust to break apart and let go.

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yep, I pulled the 4 little bolts and gave it a few taps with a hammer. Tried pulling it off, but she won't give.
Anyway, I was able to work around it today, but sooner or later I'll have to change the water pump. I'll keep your tricks in mind.
thanks for your help.


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