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foosacubMarch 22, 2008

Old man is in Iraq - took a peek under the hood to see what kind of aftermarket stuff he had on his 97 F250 Light Heavy Duty, and I don't think this filter has EVER been cleaned! So I got the kit, but now I'm paranoid about getting all the excess oil off after re-oiling it. I'd really rather fry the sensor and have to blow $300.

What do you guys think? Get a new, better filter? (I've never been a K&N fan, anyway.)

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Use the correct filter. You will find it in a box with the name "Motorcraft" on the side. If you want to go to NAPA, buy the one in the NAPA Gold Line.

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Excess re-oil on a KN filter,,, just set it on a rag for an hour or so. Mainly to let it penetrate and get dripping stuff off. You cant really over oil it.

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