Body style of Prius

honugirlhawaiiMarch 22, 2014

Just can't get over the wedge shape of the Prius!
My husband is determined to purchase a hybrid this year and thinks the Prius is the way to go. There was talk that the style would be more streamlined in 2015 but that doesn't look the case.
I suppose I should grow up and consider the more important factors. Okay, just venting.

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Of all of the hybrids out there, it is my opinion that the Prius is the best. Prius now comes in several models. Be sure to get the one that best fits your needs. Its my opinion that the original format, gas engine + electric alternator/motor is the best. I'm not sold on battery power alone; The driving range is too short for trips and the range falls if you need heat and lights on your commute. You'll need that gas tank and engine if you want to make a 400 mile trip to Aunt Mary's house.

In regard to fuel efficiency, a car powered by battery alone does not save fuel. It only looks that way because there is not a good method for computing fuel requirements. Sure, it looks good if you ignore the amount of fuel burned in a power station to charge the battery. The power plant is only a little more effificent than today's modern gas auto engines.

Places where losses occur:

1. Power plant efficiency
2. Conversion to high voltage for long distance distribution.
3. Line losses
4. Conversion to local distribution voltage.
5. Conversion from local distribution voltage to house voltage and local line losses.
6. Charger loss
7. Loss in the battery while charging.
8. Another battery loss when the charge comes out of the battery.

These losses are considerable and defeats the goal of lowered energy use per passenger mile.

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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of the Prius.
Here I was considering only the exterior lines of the car...what a dope!
There will be modifications on the 2015 Models so will wait till summer to take a look.
Aloha Jemdandy!

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