Spacing for porcelain wood tiles for bathroom?

paintedpeggiesFebruary 22, 2013

We just ordered today, they are 6 x 24. I want them close together. Is 1/8 enough or should I do 1/16? Thanks!

PS: they are rectified

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And, what color grout?! (I'm putting in dark wood look tiles 6x24).

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Ask the tilesetter about spacing: closer would look more lioke wood.

Grout - match the dark tones

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I agree with lazygardens. As close as possible and grout to match so it blends away.

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Floor prep will be critical if you want to set them close. It will have to be absolutely flat and rigid. Check that yourself by entering in the joist dimensions on an online defloctometer. And use a long level to check for high and low spots and address that in your prep. It takes more work and more money to do the prepwork properly, but just like with most jobs, it's that prepwork that makes the final job be as best as it can be.

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1/16". I'm about to do an entire main floor of a house with that same size plank tile (about 1400 feet), and that's what we'll be using. You want a small joint and unsanded matching grout so as to make it look as close as possible to real hardwood. Also, whether you set them close or not, live wire oak's right-- that floor HAS to be as flat as possible, or you'll see edges sticking WAY up above the plane of the floor.

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I agree with 1/16". Be sure your floor is plumb or there will be lippage in some spots. Just had my MB done in 12x24 rectified porcelain and used grout that matches the tile. Its pretty seamless and the grout is barely noticeable.

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