Bluestar Platinum oven question

jeffreyemFebruary 23, 2014

I'm in the process of ordering appliances for a new home build. In our previous home we had a Bluestar 48" rangetop with two older Dacor electric ovens. In the new Kitchen I was going to do a 36" RNB full range with an induction hob next to it and a single under counter 27" electric oven. Best of all worlds. I just saw that there was a Platinum series yesterday, so I thought Hmmmmm, maybe I eliminate the Elecric oven and go with the 48" Platinum (rather go with a 36 if they had one, still want the induction hob). I went into my local dealer today because they had a 48", I opened up the oven and thought it looked really small so I measured from the bottom grate to the broiler . . . only 10" of height, The regular RNB has 11" a normal electric wall oven has 13". I'm really not sure I could get a christmas turkey in there. Has anyone heard anything else about a 36" Platinum Model, Don't think I could give up the electric oven at this point. Input? Thoughts?


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Jeff - I am interested in the answer to this question as well. I am purchasing a 48" Bluestar range and am trying to decide between the Platinum and RNB. My dealer only had the RNB on the floor. The oven sizes are listed as the same in the spec sheets, but it concerns me that you see a difference in an important aspect of the interior. Please let me know if you get any more clarity on this, and I will do the same.

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I literally took a measurement from the bottom rack of both ovens to the broiler (RNB & Platinum), the brochure only shows the height of the small oven and my guess is that is the overall dimension. Wish they made the platimum in a 36" or a range top only.

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Thanks, Jeff, for getting back to me. We will not have a wall oven in this kitchen so the size of the Bluestar oven space is important to me.

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I asked my appliance store rep to check with Bluestar on the oven dimensions and he just got back to me with this information. It is a little different - but it agrees with Jeff's measurements finding the Platinum overall oven height to be lower. Here is what he reported from Bluestar:
Both ranges have 12" of usable space between the lowest oven rack setting and the broiler. The RNB range has 15" from the oven floor, which you
can cook on, and the broiler. The Platinum range however only has 13 1/2" from floor to broiler because the oven has a somewhat rounded shape to
improve the convection and help with the 7min pre-heat time.

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I saw that this new Platnuim series comes in just 48" and 60" right now and I too was wondering about a 36" or a rangetop. In a video from an appliance store, (yes you have to put up with a bit of a sales pitch) made late last year, they mention "a 36" coming out later in the Spring 2014" but that he'd have to check on that date. No mention of it in any other place I had seen or on the BlueStar website.

BTW, if you are a fan of BlueStar and want to get the latest on that brand (or any other for that matter), just go to their website and sign up for their newsletter and you'll get their updates right to your inbox!! I have no idea if this report is accurate, but maybe we can watch out for it or keep hunting for info.

Here is a link that might be useful: BlueStar video w mention of a future 36

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I emailed Bluestar about 2 weeks ago asking about 36 range and 36 rangetop configs. The response I got is that a 36 range will be available later this year and that there was no talk of making Platinum rangetops.

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I emailed Bluestar Feb. 14th asking about plans for the 36 inch Platinum range configuration and rec'd the following response from a member of the service team.

Good morning,

At this point and time there has been no talk yet, but thatâÂÂs not to say it wont happen, sorry I cant give you a definite answer.

Thank you


Jeanette Bye

1-800-449-8691 EXT. 2139

FAX: 610-288-4127

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I also called and asked and was told there are no plans for a 36" at this time.

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