Priscilla Turner hooked rugs

pinkpaulaDecember 13, 2008

I own a 6x9, oval, Priscilla Turner hand-hooked rug. It is a stunning floral design in excellent condition. Can anyone tell me about the Priscilla Turner Rug Guild? All I can find out is that it produced hand-made hooked rugs in the 1900's in Maine. Is anyone still collecting them? Are they worth anything beyond their decorative value? Thanks!

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I am new to this site; please be patient. I will try to download a picture of my rug.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I'm sure someone is collecting these rugs and I know that years ago I saw an article in a home-dec magazine (most likely "Country Living") on them. You don't give a size, but based on the hallway you have them in, I'm guessing at least 4' x 6' which is quite large. I have no idea of value, but I know that if it were mine, it would be in a place of honor--it's beautiful!


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Hello. Yes, Priscilla Turner hooked rugs are collectable, although not as desirable as home made and home designed folk art hooked rugs. The PT rugs were always hooked using commercially made yarns. As a general rule, rugs hooked with thin strips of fabric (wool, cotton, linen, etc) are more desirable and more valuable than the yarn hooked variety. It took a lot more work for the home hooker to cut fabrics into thin strips, which were usually wound into a ball. The charming variation in colors, the abrage, the textural variety of a rug hooked with strips of cut fabric can be absolutely gorgeous. Rugs hooked with yarn do not achieve this richness because of the uniformity of color of the yarns. I LOVE American Hooked Rugs and have been collecting them for 30 years. I hope I have answered some of your questions and expanded your knowledge regarding American Hooked Rugs. Best Regards, Steve

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Steve: I have a friend that makes hooked rugs, using hand-dyed, cut wool strips, so your points about difference in the labor involved between using commercial rug yarn and strips. I have a hooked runner, made with rug yarn in my entry way that was given to me and while it's very pretty, it doesn't have nearly the color variety that Kristan's rugs have. Can you give a rough idea of the price difference between say a 3 x 5 yarn-hooked rug as compared to the same sized rug made with fabric strips assuming that the pattern and age are the same.


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Annie: Thanks so much for the reply. My rug is 6 x 9. I unrolled it in a hallway to take a picture, but I usually use the rug in my kitchen.

Steve: There is so much I don't know about handmade, American rugs. Can you recommend a good book or online source of information? I'd like to see some pictures.

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we are in the process of liquidating my late mother-in-laws home contents and have several Priscilla Turner carpets she commissioned in the early 1950's.Sizes are:12X15, 7X12 with two matching throws 1 1/2 X 2 1/2 and by 3 1/2, oval 6 1/2 X 9,a match up hall runner in two pieces 26 X 53 & 6 3/4. They are in very good condition stored for the last 20 years, some stain shading on one, runners perfect no frays or holes all tags attatached. Border colors are brown, green and pink/brown/cream shaded runers. can you suggest value and what avenues I might pursue to sell them. I can send pictures. Thank you, Janet Chilelli

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