need a good short term all season tire

ld14051February 11, 2009

My son is need of all season tires good in snow for his 2001 Sentra He needs 195-R6015. He only needs them to last about 20,000 miles. Any recommendations. Thanks.

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IMHO, the only "all-season" tires that are good in any snow have the severe-service snowflake emblem on them. There are very few all-seasons that have that capability, and they probably are not the cheapest in any line.

The key to good winter performance is clearing the snow/slush/liquid from the tire and lots of edges that can bite into whatever surface is available. I would go shopping at your favorite full-line tire store and look for the tire that looks most like rated for snow.

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check the wrecking yards, you might find a complete set on wheels for less than the price of 2 cheap tires. its a common tire size, and more than just the sentra uses the same wheel bolt pattern. wont hurt to go up or down a size if you find a good deal.

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