Key Problem: Ford Focus 2006

sirhcsirhcFebruary 27, 2013

I have a 2006 Ford Focus. I installed a new car stereo two months ago. Afterwards, I tried to open the car using my key as I usually do and it would not open. I have the standard edition and there is only one locking door to enter and exit the car. Thus, I was locked out of the car. I figured out that I could climb through my trunk and was able to unlock the car that way. I tinkered with it for awhile and I turned off the car and disconnected the negative from the battery terminal. I turned the ignition switch twice and then put the negative back on the battery again. I turned the car on and locked the door. I was able to unlock and lock the door for two months. Today the same problem started again. I tried the same solution that had worked last time twice and it did not work either time. What is wrong with my car and lock? How do I fix it?

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There should be hints and instructions in the owner's manual.

1. If you have an anti-theft system, review how that works. If the anti-theft system gets triggered, one or more features may become disabled. For example, on Saturns, if the car is locked using the key fob, you had better unlock it with the key fob. If instead you stick the key in the keyhole and unlock the door, the engine start circuit is disabled and will remain disabled for 30 minutes. Your system probably reacts differently, but all anti-theft systems have one goal in mind and that is to prevent driving away with the car.

2. By the way, nothing is going to happen by operating the ignition switch with the battery disconnected. The car battery has to be connected for various procedures to work.

3. Try re-porgramming the system to recognize your key. Instructions should be in the owner's manual. It'll be a series of ignition off-on-off cycles and maybe some button pushing on the key fob. If you have a second key, it may also be included in resetting routine. Re-setting the system may be required after the car battery has been disconnected.

4. When was the last time you replaced the battery in the key fob? Maybe it needs a new fob battery.

5. I could not tell from your post if you were trying to unlock the door by inserting the key, or by pushing a button on the key. If you were trying to unlock the door manually and the lock would not turn, do you recall what the temperatue was? Was it below freezing? Could the lock cylinder have been frozen or the lock tumblers were sticking? Just last month, I cured a similar problem in my son's old Ford Explorer by lubricating the lock with lock lub. The lock tumblers were sticking. When the key was inserted, the tumblers move up and down following the notches on the key shank. However, when the tumblers are sticking, they stay up keeping the cylinder locked. Freeing these up with the cleaning lub fixed the problem. (After the lock was working, it was lubed with a graphite bearing lock lub.)

This problem develops in cold weather when moisture is carried into the lock. On common source is pusing the key through some snow on the door when inserting the key.

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