Which dishwasher in $500 range

andrelaplume2February 16, 2014

My last dw was a Kenmore Ultrawash...cost $689 installed. Each year it would stop cleaning and I'd have to take it apart and clear the area by the chopper...see you tube videos...a real in in the neck.

Well, now, fter 6 years it does not seem to fill...you get a little water but nothing near the heating element fill level...not to mention nothing makes it to the spray bars.

I tried to clean the area near the chopper too...twice. It sounds like its running but it does not appear to be filling properly...I am guessing its not worth fixing unless someone out there has a suggestion.

If not, what can I get for $500 that will last longer than 6 years is be fairly quiet. I do not want to pay more...I tried that years ago when Maytag was King and got burned.

There is a Bosch model for $550 and their is a perception that Bosch is of higher quality...but I just read numerous reviews of folks disliking the Bosch....

The kids at Sears really did not even know his product line...told me $279 Kenmore was the same as a $469 Kenmore. To be honest nothing looks as well made as the model I have now and it only lasted 6 years!

Ideas please?

Ideally it will be available in Bisque, I do not need a stainless interior, should be on the quiet side, maybe have folding tines...

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The water valve may be bad or clogged with mineral deposits/debris, a common occurrence. Not a difficult repair and cheaper than a new dishwasher ... for sure if you can DIY.

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We have the Bosch (2nd from the bottom) thats available from Lowes. Lowes priced matched a discount from Sears and we got it for less than $500. We love it.

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You won't find bisque appliances anymore. Or almond.

I always shop at independent appliance stores where the salespeople do know the differences between dishwashers. Researching on each company's website can provide answers on comparisons between models.

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The inlet valve usually has a screen. It can get blocked with mineral deposits from the hot water. Just remove it and clean with a brush.

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Do you know your Bosch model? It is loud...our kitchen opens to the family room...Do you recall if it came in Bisque...there are not as many but they still have them out there. How long have you had it?

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I have a Whirlpool Gold that I love - cleans really well, and very quiet. There are a few versions of it - I'll bet you could find it on sale for close to $500. I've had mine for 3 or 4 years.

I don't think it comes in anything other than black, white, or SS.

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There are certainly appliances made in bisque still, but not from Bosch. You'll need to go with an American manufacturer for that. GE, the Whirlpool brands, and Frigidaire are your choices. I have had a great experience with my GE, but it is a higher-end model so that may not apply to the ones in your price range. I scored a deal because I was buying a bunch of other appliances at the same time, and the mom-and-pop appliance store I shop at felt bad for me having just gone through 3 different dishwashers in 2 years. I wouldn't pay too much attention to online reviews: all the brands have bad reviews, even Miele which is considered to be the best in dishwashers.

With all that said, you seem to be pretty insistent on a new dishwasher. I would listen to dadoes and weedmeister. The issue is probably something really simple that would not be worth junking your dishwasher for and buying a newer one of lesser quality.

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the private dealer sort of said the same thing...its probably just the inlet valve and I should not worry about a new one for now...he said if I need one he sells a GE for $439, also Kitchen Aid but he said I would be paying more for a name in that range....

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to make fixing it worthwhile, you'd have to be able to diy. the last time i had an appliance repair tech come out it was over $100 just for him to show up. then fixing is extra. with a 6 year old appliance, i can't think spending $150-$250 would make sense.
fyi i hate my whirlpool which is the maker of kenmore i believe. it doesn't clean well at not 2 years old and smelled like it was burning the other day. apparently whirlpool,ka, and kenmore are having dishwasher set on fire due to control board malfunctions. i would say stay away from all 3 of them!

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