Car Sounds 'Forced' After Replacing Timing Belt

ggalvFebruary 11, 2006

My car sounds "forced" after I replace the timing belt, balance shaft belt, two adjusters (pulleys) Water Pump AND Alternator and Air Conditioner Drive Belt.

When I press the gas pedal it makes a sound like "hmmmm" and sounds like its being forced a little. I think the car drives very similar to before I made these changes, except now it make a sound "hmmm" which was not there before.

Do you guys have any recommendations or advice what it could be?


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Belt tension is the first thing to consider, too tight, or too loose can both make noise. Both can potentially cause a premature failre of the belt, and or pulleys as well. I recommend you start rechecking right there.

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Thanks for the response. Are you talking about the "Timing Belt" - which is the belt that you cannot see. Or are you talking about the Air Conditioner and Alternator Belts, which are the ones you can see.

If you are talking about the Timing Belt, do we have to take out all the parts again, to readjust the tension?


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The timing belt uses an automatic tensioner( a spring loaded one for the Honda, replaced at 150K miles)..
It is possible to install a timing belt 180 degrees off, this causes poor running of the engine..
I think we should know more about this automobile..

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We checked the timing belt, and yes it was 180 degrees off. Thanks, the car is running better now.

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