4 Cylinder Dakotas, Any Good?

andyfFebruary 13, 2006

I'm looking at an ad for a 2000 Dakota Sport with 5 speed and 4 cylinders with 58000 miles.

Are these motors the super charged ones, or are they the mouse powered varieties?. I'll need to haul cordwood and pull a trailer on occasion. I remember the old IH Scouts had a powerful low rpm high torque 4 cylinder with a piston top the size of a desert plate. Are these engines any good for this weight vehicle with power to spare or does it barely handle the GVW?. What's gas like on these ?



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The one's my friends had were of the mouse variety. It was ok for a small fishing boat every now and again. I'd never use it to pull anything serious. The Dakota's also come with bigger V6 and a V8. I'd get one of those if you like the body style best.
Or the 4.3 S-10's are fairly descent for a small truck. Nissan's newer Frontier would be my pick though. 265 hp V6 and 6 speed manual. I test drove one for a night and it seemed very worthy..just would come off the price at the time...they'd just come out then.

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good for a boat anchor. if the body is straight drop a small block in it. better yet hit the auction, dakotas are a dime a dozen.

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I have a '01 Dakota Quadcab 4.7L V8 Sport, and I did test drive both 4-cyl and 6-cyl before I decided on a V8. DO NOT GET a 4-Cyl Dakota if you are planning to tow ANYTHING. You will be very disappointed. I certainly don't remember seeing a supercharged 4-cyl Dakota at the dealership. Did they ever make one like that? The 2.5L 4-cyl Dakota is for light hauling and commuting IMO. Isn't that the same wimpy 4-cyl on PT? I know PT has 2 versions of turbo 4-cyl though.
By the way, my 4.7L V8 Dakota has served me very well for the past 5 years, mostly towing 4000 lbs boat/trailer, w/o any trouble at all. For non-towing driving, I get unbelievable 18~20 mpg average after installing an aftermarket exhaust pipe. The only Recall they had on my model was the passanger seat belt anchor bolt.

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