wing pin & fez hat

Katrinka_FidoDecember 16, 2011

I found a fez style hat but only about 4 1/2-5" tall-no tassle, no label or size(21" circumference) really stiff, in the same color as this pin. Sorry no pic of hat until returned but I just couldnt wait to see if anyone recognized the VS wing pin or hat description may jog a memory. Any guesses what the VS means?...or any info on the hat? TIA, Katrinka

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This is just a total GUESS! Thinking the "fez" hat is probably a PILLBOX and the pin is from some little known airline?? A stewardess?

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Mom had lots of pillbox hats which are more straight sided not angled as this. Dad was a shriner so I saw plenty of these clowns LOL, you know what I mean-no disrespect intended. I was guessing unknown airline, would like to know for sure. My grandson insists it's Victoria Secret angel in training pin but he's only 12 & knows way too much. Gosh, sure hope he's way off base or I'll have to eat the hat.

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How about a picture of the back of the pin, and the hat when you can.

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