Front End Damage??

shalynnFebruary 1, 2007

It snowed yesterday and while I was turning left I hit a slick spot and slammed into a curb going about 25 miles...there was no damage to the body of the car that I can see...its just that now there is a constant grinding sound and in order for me to drive straight down the road my steering wheel is about 45 degrees more to the right than normal....what has happened??

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time to write a check at the repair shop. ouch!

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Probably bent a tie rod or control arm. If you have comp/collision insurance it will be covered less your deductable. I strongly suggest you don't drive this car again till it's fixed. Have it towed. You think it was hard steering on a slick spot. You really won't like it when parts of the suspension or steering fall apart as you're tooling down the road. On coming traffic won't like it either.

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