Does Toto Sanigloss work? Worth it?

sgoldfieldFebruary 11, 2008

Hi, spec'ing in Toto toilets for our new build, we are thinking right now about the Drake although the side skirt seems like it would improve the appearance and cleaning a lot! But main question I have is, does the Sanigloss finish actually do anything? We are installing with well water and so far don't even know much about mineral deposits or hard water concerns but if the Sanigloss works, it seems like good insurance! Has anyone had any experience with and without? Or if you have it, was it worth the extra money?

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I don't know about with well water, but when we were trying to decide we found people with and without the sani gloss felt that the toto bowls were easy to clean and didn't stain easily. The one review that really made our decision was a guy who had both sani gloss and regular toto in his house and didn't notice a difference.

We opted not to get it and our toto almost never stains. We were a bit worried about "skid marks" going from an old toilet that flushed huge amounts of water to the low flow. But we never get them and if we do they flush away with the next flush (probably more info than you wanted). My point is that the toto surface already seems very glossy and maybe the sani gloss is even better and may make a difference in well water but if it is a significant cost for you, I might skip it.

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I absolutely chose the Sanagloss even tho I couldnt lhave the taller ADA toilet plus the Sanagloss. Over a year ago, when I bought our 4th Toto, taller ADA and sanagloss were not available in the same unit. I chose Sanagloss. I absolutely love it.
It is way better in every respect than our 12 yr old top of the line Kohler...which sometimes needs two flushes and needs remediation of well, spots and streaks.
That skirted business, to me, seemed more difficult to clean and conceptually more if to disquise the fact that it's a toilet. But that's why they make chocolate and vanilla. We all like different stuff. Bev

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I have two Ultramaxes with Sanagloss and frankly, I don't really notice any difference from my old toilets in terms of easier cleaning. The flush works better than my old no name brand low flow toilet which constantly got clogged. My one disappointment is that the bowl isn't always clean after one flush with the Toto. I think it is because the water doesn't swirl around the bowl like my old toilets. I am not sure that I would spring for the Sanagloss if I had to do it over.

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No, it aint worth it. No difference in cleaning, no teflon effect as implied, and none of the older Toto's out of 4 are any dirtier than the one with Sanagloss.

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I too found that sanigloss did not seem to do much.

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I have a Toto Dartmouth without Sanagloss, and a Toto Ultramax with Sanagloss. I don't see any difference in cleanability. However, where I live, the water isn't hard, and I am on a city system. Perhaps if I had hard water and/or well water I would notice a difference. I don't believe the Sanagloss is much of an upcharge, maybe $35-45, so if you have well water, I think I'd get it. As to the skirt, that IS a big upcharge, and I do not believe it's worth it, but that's just my taste. Where my toilets are located, in the bathrooms' corners, I can barely see the trap (the "snake" that would be covered by the skirt), so I certainly wouldn't pay a big upcharge to cover it, and I don't think cleaning that area is that hard anyway.

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Well, I was curious so I did a 30-second search on the 'net for Drake toilets to see the price difference between Sanagloss or without Sanagloss for the Drake. I looked at cause I bought my bathroom faucets there, and found they had good prices. BTW, the Drake with Sanagloss appears only to come in the Cotton White color, if that makes a difference to you. It looks like the upcharge for Sanagloss is about $40. I think it might be worth it since you are on well water.

I think if you want a skirt (the Toto Vespin?), it's going to cost you at least $100 more.

Drake w/o Sanagloss #CST744S

Drake w/Sanagloss #CST744SG

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Yup, the neighbors weighed in and said they have hard water stains, so I think we need to go with the sanagloss and see if it helps. The Drake is our first choice, but yup, the cotton white doesn't go as well with the toilet as the colonial white would, but hopefully the half wall between the toilet and sinks will help downplay that.... why can't white be white!!! :-) Thanks to everyone who weighed in. I saw a survey on the Terry Love site where he asked if people would buy it again and 9 out of 9 said yes... but I do wonder if we'll see any real difference, but the $40 seems like good insurance.

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We opted for a toto without Sanigloss because we were told that it doesn't do very much and that it eventually wears off.

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We have the Drake cotton white ADA height with the sanigloss - and terrible well water. (How I've dreamed about getting a softening system.....) Thinking about it - that's probably the only place in the house where there ISN'T any lime, calcium or rust build up. (Haven't found a product yet that will work on removing the stuff). The masterbath is only 2 yrs old and I've already had to replace 1 showerhead after trying unsuccessfully to keep it clear it still clogged. So I guess the sanigloss does work.

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Have the Toto Ultramax without the sanigloss. It was installed during the remodel and everyone used it and it was never cleaned but a few times bleach was poured in the bowl. It's been almost a year of no cleaning until week before last when the roommate cleaned it. I wouldn't touch it. It had a hard water ring (probably more than just hard water deposits, ew) that was very stubborn. But somehow he got rid of it and it looks brand spanking new. I don't think I'd ever get the sanigloss.

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Have had a Sanigloss for 18 months. This toilet developed a nasty stain in the bottom. I called Toto who recommended using CLR. After 2 hours of scrubbing, I barely made any headway. Called Toto again and was told I wasn't scrubbing hard enough. I have 3 bathrooms. Cheap toilets in the other 2 baths have no stains. I am bummed that I spent major bucks for a major disappointment. Obviously this is a mistake I won't make again!!

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Just bumping to the top. Wondering if there are any long term follow-ups or new experiences. I'm looking at trying to find a drake 1.28 elongated ada with sanagloss but I don't think they make one.Not even with 1.6 gpf. It's a choice between the taller seat height or the sanagloss. Any opinions or experiences?

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I've had a couple Sanagloss toilets over the past 6-7 years. They, depending upon body chemistry ;) , hold...skid marks. What happens with SG is that the sm's will dissolve in fairly short order. That is nice but you then have dirty bowl water unless you got back for the second flush. You still need a toilet brush. Pardon me...I still need a toilet brush!

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I just purchased a Toto Drake elongated 1.6 ADA with sanagloss at my local plumbing outlet. With my plumber's discount it was close to the same $$$ as this one on Amazon (you get a much better shipping price with Amazon Prime). I've only had it less than a week, so can't speak to the effectiveness of the sanagloss.

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