Has anyone built Dunning Keep by Stephen Fuller

mdwms25January 5, 2014

Has anyone built Dunning Keep by Stephen Fuller. I would love to see exterior and interior photos. I am planning to build this home within a few months. Thanks.

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I hope this isn't some kind of promo post.

In any case, link below. A pretty pedestrian design - kitchen is awful too.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Dyno,nope that was not a promo post. Just like I said, wanting to see some pics of it as built before I buy the plans. What makes it pedestrian, and why do you think the kitchen is awful.

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Have you looked at the kitchen forum? Don't worry, any kitchen can be fixed...lol.

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mdw-kitchen is awful because the only traffic aisle goes right through the work triangle and they appear to be a fair distance apart. So it will not be great cooking in. Not sure if you have kids or not but if so not a good set up. As jdez said anything can be fixed if you haven't started on it.

I don't know what pedestrian refers to either? It looks like a fairly traditional layout, but I am no expert.

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I suppose pedestrian means it's nothing special layout-wise, and that's true. The picture looks pretty, though! BUT, the MBR has two little windows, its bath has a window over the toilet facing the patio, and the bath and closet are where some great bedroom windows could go. Coming in from the garage you're right smack in the laundry room, but no place to put coats and shoes and backpacks? The guest closet is a mile from the front door. Agree on the kitchen. I'd probably open up the entrance to the downstairs so you can walk right through there.

But,maybe it could be fixed and it'd be as pretty on the inside as on the outside :)

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bpath-that makes sense. I was thinking something along that lines of this day and age lots of things you can do to customize and keep from basic one size fits all, especially on a pretty house like that as you said.

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Thanks everyone for the ideas on this plan. I passed them on to my wife (she has the final say on design, lol). I'll let yall know what changes she wants to make. I'd like your feedback on that also.

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