Trunk mat

mrsgymFebruary 24, 2009

Want to protect the carpet in my trunk. Checked out places online for trunk mats, and they were very expensive. Do you have any ideas that are less expensive?

Thank you

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I suppose that would depend on what you want to protect it from. First if your talking some type of spillage, how about remove it, and use an old blanket, cardboard and a layer of plastic? Then when you want the car to look the way it was made, simply clean out the trunk and put the original carpet back in. Of course this applies more towards the bottom only and not the sides. the sides while they are not normally difficult to remove, and indeed more difficult than just the bottom.

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I tried to come up with something before I gave in and paid the price.Glad I just went with the factory option trunk mat liner.Because it is one piece molded and has a lip that goes up a few inches on the sides all the way around.Not much of a way to get such a precise fit.I have one in my wifes car 2007 Malibu because she often hauls a crock pot full of things like baked beans.If it does spill tip over it will not get under the mat.If it did not have the side lips it would just get under the mat.If you plan on keeping the vehical a long time its a worth while investment.

Not sure what type vehical you have.But I found mine online from a discount GM site.That sell the same GM accessories for less then the dealers and GM direct.Same way with GM extended warranties you can get the same GMPP on line for about 30% less then the dealers want.

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I still have the boot trim from my first car, a 1979 Chevette. When it was written off in an accident I kept the boot trim as it may come in handy, and it certainly did. It nicely covers the fancy carpet in my 2006 Opel Vectra's boot when I have messy stuff to take to the tip, or when I am picking up coal for the stove from the co-op. So stuff expensive boot linings from the shop, go to the junkyard and get the boot carpet out of some old shagger that is about to be crushed. Just pick a wreck that is about the same size as whatever you drive now and you can't go far wrong.

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