Ancona Rapido Chef II Range Hoods @Costco Canada

chadw01February 9, 2014

Anyone use this on their gas range?,-Wall-Mounted.product.10395646.html

900 CFM for a 30" at $650 with Costco's return policy is hard to beat.

Would be using it with a 30" Blue Star RCS.

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I hope they work well! I ordered the 36" to go with the 36" NXR range. I'll try to let everyone know what I think once they are installed. Still waiting on the range to arrive.

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I am thinking about ordering this for my Bluestar...any reviews? though, with Costco's return policy, it's hard to beat!
(they're also selling it on the US site)

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IMO ..... not deep enough for a pro range, ESPECIALLY A BLUESTAR.

Poor capture area due to the depth of only 20", capture area reduced even more by the light fitting depth , noisy tight baffles,

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How deep does it have to be for a pro range? And what would you recommend, if not this one?

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You want at least 24" .... 27" would be better. for my money 20" would be a disaster

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Any specific brand/model recommendations?

Also, can a 36" hood go over a 30" range without looking ridiculous or being overkill?

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A 36" hood would work better for sure, further I don't think it would look out of place at all or be overkill.

It would be wrong of me to recommend a brand.

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The 36" Ancona on the Costco site is stated as 20" also - finding it difficult to find a > 24" depth 30" hood (or 36" for that matter) at a reasonable cost. Found a Broan/Best K42 hood for $2000US, but that is way over what I'm willing to spend on a hood.

Would a 30" or 36" hood with 20" depth work, if the hood were installed by my contractors further out from the back wall (lets say, 3-4") instead of buying a deeper hood altogether?

Also, what is the optimal height for this type of range? 30" above cooktop seems to be standardm but I suspect it would also be dependent on the height of the cook.

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Any review yet Duvel?

chadw01, I also think it might make a big difference to build out a less expensive hood from the wall to effectively increase the depth. I have read in technical documents that passive features such as flanges, etc do help to improve the capture area of a hood, so I think the same would apply to a residential hood. Kas, in a thread that I started, also thought that that approach also makes sense.

Of course, it turns into a geometry exercise because my husband is 6'2" and a deep hood carries a head-bumping hazard. Going over his head means a really high hood, thus reducing effectiveness. Round and round.

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