GE ice maker

cdsjFebruary 17, 2014

Hi have a GE electronic ice maker In a GE profile side by side refrigerator model # pss25mgmb ww. The ice maker works fine except its getting water in the bin and freezing and jamming the auger. I have turned it off for about a week and turned back on and it works fine for more than a week and then it starts to to hang up and there's ice in the bottom of the bin and up the back of the bin on the right side of the auger looking at it from the front. Any suggestions or if I buy a new ice maker will that fix the problem or that's not going to solve the problem,I have no leaks if that might be a question. Thanks

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Any body ?

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Could be the water valve is seeping, which would cause the mold to overfill and drip into the storage bin.

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If I turn it off for a week or two it does not leak or I say that but there is no ice in the bin,

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I had a similar problem years ago and it was that the water valve was hanging open after the fill cycle. Like your case, the problem seemed to come and go; I didn't figure it out until I watched a cycle and saw water continuing to come in for about 10 seconds after the valve solenoid had quit humming. Replace the valve.

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