Glass mosaic tile thinner than wall tile

marys235February 14, 2013

I ordered some glass mosaic tile to use as an accent band in my shower and a backsplash on the vanity, it just came in yesterday, and I was surprised by how thin it is, much thinner than the tile I will be using with it. Is that normal? Should I tell my tile guy to put something behind it, so it will be flush with the rest of the tile? If so, what would be best to use? Is it going to hold up as well as a thicker tile? I guess I should have noticed how thin it was from the sample, but I just didn't pick up on it. I just liked the colors. Now I have buyer's remorse.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ragno Samba mosaic tile

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Just cut a piece of 1x2" board about 12" long. Cut an "L" shape on the end that will ride over the thicker tile, which you put up first. Scoop in some thinset into the "band" area with a margin trowel and "adjust" or screed it with the board.

Let it dry. NOW, you have a slightly raised area upon which to tile the glass and it will be the same height as the field tile.

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what my tile setter did was to use some of whatever the backerboard was 1/2 the thickness of the tile and set the border tile on the backer before he put it on the wall. then he installed the border already completed and it came to the same thickness of the wall tile

Good Luck

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