Electrical or Viking Range Hood Death?

rococogurlFebruary 18, 2013

Is it possible for a hood to just die? Seems odd -- the lights and fan worked the other day but tonight it's completely dead. No light; no fan.

Hood is out of waranty.

Thinking it might be electrical but has this happened to anyone else?

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It will be electrical,
Is there a plug for it, or was it "Hard wired" in?

Get out the owners manual for it, see if it has a fuse or a circuit breaker to "protect it"..

One doubts that there is a circuit breaker in the house , just for the hood, have you checked to see if anything else in the house is missing power?

IIf it indeed is plugged into a socket, maybe a GFI socket was installed and it got tripped, so check that too (If said socket exists).

At any rate, check the circuit breakers for the house anyway, this is just following the good old "Kiss Principle".


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Hi Gary,

Thanks for quick response. It is hard wired. I checked the range below it, micro and oven next to it, and the outlets on each side (one with GFI). All function.

Also checked the breaker box. No separate circuit for it there and nothing tripped in the box.

I did have an outlet installed on Friday in our laundry room for new washer/dryer. That's along same wall but at the front end of the house -- the kitchen is in the back. They fished off the adjacent box for the wine fridge but that's also working. And hood was working on Saturday.

It's Viking (stop laughing) and 10 y.o. We've had a series of things needing replacement in the house so I'm a bit weary with new washer/dryer coming in this week. I expected the fridge to go next but the hood? Just seems weird.

Will check the manual but V being V that won't be much help. It was installed with the manual but never worked properly until a few years ago they had to send their own tech to do the fridge recall.

Just don't know whether to call my electrician or get my appliance repair guy back here.

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Sometimes a breaker can trip without visibly moving to the off position so you should deliberately click off then on your plug outlet and lighting breakers one by one until you find the tripped one..I presume/hope your electrician or other worker did not accidentally put a screw through the cable supplying the hood and short it out as a friends cabinet installers recently did. If still no power have your electrician check the hoods wiring connections and if it plugs into a receptacle also the wiring connections on back of it. Push clamp connections some electricians use can loosen over time causing erratic or no power.

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Had same thought about having the hood shorted out by the other work but it was functioning after they left. Will get an electrician in here. It's been like the 7 year itch except it's the 10 year breakdown. I need to win Lotto to keep up with these repairs.

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I think either one should be able to find the problem pretty quick. It is either power not getting to the vent hood ( which the electrician can fix, but not the appliance guy ) or a wire is loose or switch inside the hood. I have a Viking hood since the 90's still going strong ( though plenty of issues with the range ) Hope the repair goes well.

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