how to change the drivers outside door handle on a safari van

ont_galFebruary 7, 2009

Would any of you ppl here have had the misfortune of having to change the outside drivers door handle on one of these vans?(Safari)

Is there anything I should know that may help me in this project tomorrow?

Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Remove the inside door panel to gain access to the handle nuts and screws. Most likely, the door glass must be in "up" position.

Constructions vary from one vehicle to the next, but you may find that you'll need to disconnect the actuator rod that goes to the inside handle.

If you have a security system, there may be a small switch on the end of the lock cylinder. If one is present, insure this switch in securely snapped into place before reassembling the door panel. Sometimes, this switch is disturbed while rooting around in the door innards. Access space is often tight.

Strange behavor of the security system may result if this switch/position sensor does not prooperly indicate the position of the lock cylinder

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thank you JD!

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ont_gal the job done!

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