Corvette--how to sell?

vannieFebruary 4, 2007

What's the best way to sell a 1995 Corvette that was orignally bought for an investment. It was garaged and driven very little until a year ago when my son bought it. It has 7000. miles on it and is in mint condition. He needs to sell it b/c of a divorce. Is there some Corvette place to sell it or would he do as well w/ an ad in the paper?

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You have a car that is collectable. Try marketing it in sales publications that cater to the auto enthusaist and collector. You'll find local publications in the free advertising racks at your local filling stations. And then, there is always the classified in the local newspaper, but I gather that you are looking to market to different clientele.

If you have aquaintences who are auto savvy, ask if any of them want it. This may trigger a word-of-mouth campaign that can uncover a buyer.

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Here's one place you can try. Auto Trader is a pretty good deal for advertising for the money. c-4 corvettes, 1984-1996 haven't really turned the corner as an investment yet. Hopefully he bought it cheap since it was just a year ago. Sounds like around $17k-$19k plus or minus is what such a thing is going for. That of coarse also depends on the area. For the same money one can buy a c5 which is the next generation vette, and a much better car. That's the problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: corvette site

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Corvette-- how to sell? TO ME CHEAP! HAHAHAHAHA

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People are interested in the ZR-1 version of the 95 (if that is in fact what he has) if regular car he is probably well upside down unless he really bought it cheap. He will probably have little trouble finding a buyer maybe in the 25 to 30k range if it is a mint ZR-1. I would start with the local Corvette club if not local then the next Big City will have one, they usually have a website and maybe even a publication that circulates thru the club membership. You might want to guide him more towards some Mutual Funds or Real Estate for his future investments you reckon?

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Have a 1974 Corvette Stingray T-Top Yellow with a 350 engine in it Runs and drives great,Nice car PHONE 812-564-8041..SULLIVAN IN.20 miles N. of terre Haute IN.Automatic Transmisson,34000 Miles Garge Kept.

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