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robohomeFebruary 24, 2013

I'm doing a full renovation of a 4 x 8 foot "Master Bath". Given the small size of the room, I want to do all I can to make it feel bigger. So I plan to do a curbless shower. The shower is 48 x 30. I know that you have all dealt with the problem of the floor thickness and the transition back to the main floor level. I guess I'm trying to avoid it but I've seen a product that I think might work for me.

QuickDrain makes a product called QuickSlope QS30P. It looks like a lighting eggcrate panel with slope to it. It is set in and then filled with thin set. This would give me the slope I need with only a 1/2" + of thickness. Setting a cement board on the rest of the floor would bring the bathroom level and I can easily make a threshold transition at the door. I plan to waterproof the floor and walls with Laticrete Hydroban and then thin set my tile.

I assume that you will think this thin system is asking for trouble, but wanted to hear your thoughts.

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What you are describing doesn't sound like it would meet code. A shower (or the waterproofed area in a wet room) needs to be able to contain a 2" standing depth of water over the drain when the drain is plugged without flooding out the non-waterproofed portion of the bathroom/house.

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1/2" of slope isn't enough to drain a shower. That's a flood waiting to happen. Doesn't matter if the rest of the bath is waterproof if there isn't enough "well" for the shower itself. You will need to alter your joists or jackhammer the slab to get that slope and 2" depth transition.

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OK, I'm a little surprised by the posts. The shower is 2 feet from drain to wall so why isn't 2 inches of slope enough? You can find curbless and handicapped showers that are level with the floor all over the internet.

By 2 inch well, are you saying that if I don't have a curb I should step down into the shower?

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The curbless showers that you're seeing that are that small will have problems. You can bet on it. First, the floor needs to be depressed in the shower area, so that the floor can pitch from the outside floor's surface. Secondly, so long as you have glass (as opposed to a shower curtain), you can get away without doing the 2" pitch. But one thing you want to consider-- the pitch spec reads MINIMUM 1/4" per foot. It also reads MAXIMUM 1/2" per foot. And I would strongly recommend you go stronger than a 1/2" in 2 feet in a curbless shower.

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Thanks for the help. Looks like I'll be putting a curb in.

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