My New Vanity Counter

enduringFebruary 8, 2014

Yesterday they installed my new counter. The first one would have been installed 2 weeks ago, but the poor guy measured it wrong. He was young. I think I may have interrupted him just one too many times (I can be a chatter box sometimes) and he got lost in his calculations. Anyway more stone was available with the remnant I had on hold and a new counter made it to my house yesterday.

It was a very cold day and frost was on the stone as it sat on the cabinets warming up. I turned my heating lamps on, that are in the ceiling nearby, to get the room even warmer.

Newly set:

Backsplash added, and my nifty toe kick night light turned on for effect:

Faucets set into place but not installed. The sconces are on and add a bit of glamor:

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It looks fantastic. I love the toe kick lights. Where did you get the sconces? It looks like you're really making progress!

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The lighting is Tech Lighting, the Kisdon in halogen 120watt per sconce. Mine is in a chrome finish. This image shows a brushed finish.

The toe kick light is a water resistance LED flex strip that will eventually be on a dimmer. Even though this is a low light strip it is still too bright for the night light function that I intended. Everyone loves seeing the vanity float when the light is on. The toe kick set back is present on the sides of the vanity too. The toe kick light comes from Elemental LED, the retail line of the Diode LED that are seen at lighting stores.

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enduring-everything is coming together so well! And thanks for the info on the toe kick lighting. Can you tell me what your faucet is?

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I bought Tech Lighting for my walk in closet. It may be the best thing I ever bought. They make good stuff.

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Faucet is a Hansgrohe Axor Citterio M Single-Hole Faucet in chrome. Mine is the medium height as in this picture. A college friend that works at Ferguson's picked it out for me. I might have picked something else, but went with this selection. It was way last spring. I have grown fond of the simplicity. It comes in a shorter height as well as a very tall one, to go with a vessel type sink. Now when I get it hooked up to water we will see how it works.

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enduring, what is your beautiful counter?

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Beautiful! I love how the marble makes the walnut look even better...that surprises me. I guess it's a Yin-yang thing?

I was wondering why there were two one of those fixtures a soap dispenser?

The toe kick light is cool! I have a LED strip laying around that I ordered off eBay to see if I could use it on my retaining wall outside...mmmm now you've got me thinking... We have the fanlight hooked up as our night light...we each have a separate switch beside our bed to turn it on, I love it, no more fumbling around in the dark either going or coming back. Ours is too bright too (there are two bulbs in there)(lots of too/twos LOL). It was very handy to have that light while tiling, but now I think I will just leave it if one burns out, and when both burn out, will replace them with much lower lumen bulb.

Is the plug in for inside a medicine cabinet? We are doing that too, though DH plans to build it, so who knows when that will happen! Looking forward to seeing what handles you're going to put on. (I see one more thing I've got done ahead of you, hee hee, DH put up the TR holder the other night...though it needs to be redone it works for now, and the remote for the bidet seat is up...what a luxury not having to bend down to the floor to pick it up! )

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Gor-geous just fab.

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Lottery, that is great to hear about the Tech lighting. I think these are very nice. I got one extremely cheap online, and thought I could do it again. Not so, I spent weeks trying. I ended up getting the second one at full price at Wayfair I believe.

Linelle, the counter is carrara marble. The first piece, that was cut wrong, had a little more action, but this one is just fine. There are faint inclusions of a brown spot every 2 or 3 square feet, very subtile. When I picked this stone out I was trying to also blend in a piece of soapstone remnant that I had intended to use to make another sink. It was going to be a box and set into the counter, raising about 2" above the surface. The soapstone proved too hard for my finishing tools. I abandoned the effort at the polishing stage and went with the Kohler undermount sink. I had to increase my vanity depth from 18" to 21" to accommodate the new sink. I wanted to have the 18" vanity so there would be a bit more aisle room between the partial wall (at the shower alcove) and the vanity.

Gothaml, (does that stand for Chicago, Illinois?) Thanks!

Raehelen, thanks, I took a chance with the flooring pattern and the carrara. I loved both and thought it would work. The soapstone I was planning for another sink was all wrong. The color was way off, so I am glad I had trouble with fabrication as mentioned above. I kind of wish I got a Kohler Grey Ice colored sink instead of the white. My shower pan is Grey Ice. The white is a little creamy looking with the marble.

The second hole is for a soap pump. I have wondered about these in the home, but many people have loved them so I got one. We will see how it works.

The separate switches for the night light has GW written all over it, even if you're the first, many will follow. Total planning for safety and convenience. Can you put a dimmer on the switches? I had fun telling DH about your nightlight setup :)

I will enjoy seeing your medicine cabinet. My medicine cabinet will be made by my carpenter out of walnut. He will make a box and surface mount it. I have had a Robern medicine cabinet mirror that will go on it. It was a mirrored door that I have had for about 18 years, and got for free. I didn't know what it was for at the time. I just figured it out recently when starting this remodel, duh! I have stored that mirror for years. It dawned on me that I have a 24x40" medicine cabinet mirror in the basement. I was at Ferguson's admiring a very large medicine cabinet when the light went off in my head. So the medicine cabinet will be mounted with the outlet inside. I have a small LED that will be on the top inner part of the box. There is a local plastic fabricator that will make me 1/4" thick shelving for the cabinet at $7/ea. The LED will come on and off with an infrared switch. I assume putting an opaque sticker on the mirror, where the switch shines, will allow the infrared to shut off when the door is closed. I had my electrician hard wire the LED wiring for all these features. But I did put my own plug-in LED with infrared switch over in the laundry cabinet area, because I didn't think to get that hardwired. It works great. I found a place called Oznium dot com that has these switches for sale at $8/ea, a far cry from the ones I bought for $16/ea on sale at Elemental LED. I hope they work like the one that I have installed. They look the same.

TP holder race. Lets see if I get mine on before you get yours re-done.

I love my "advanced" toilet seat. I see your point, bending over for the remote sort of diminishes the luxury one would expect of the "advanced" bidet seat, LOL! Unfortunately my bidet seat is in the other bathroom, as I have busted the budget for this one.

Well folks did I get all the points covered ? :)

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Enduring, I so love your taste! Another stunning bathroom on the way!

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enduring, thanks for the faucet info!

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Beautiful! Looks like a lovely thick piece of marble. Just remember that you need to re seal marble very so often and wipe up any chemicals that might spill and stain it immediately!

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