symmetry on either side of range?

springwaterDecember 26, 2010

Picture the letter "L". The foot of the ell will house the range. This wall is not very long. I would like to place a wooden mantle with hidden hood vent above slide in range. For aesthetic reasons, do the individual base cabinets on either side of the range need to be the same width? In my rather small kithen, I don't see how I can make this happen. I'm finding that a number of kitchen catalogs are showing a symmetry of base cabinet widths on either side of the range when a wooden mantle is installed above the range. In other words, for example, a 30 inch wide base cabinet with 2 raised paneled doors on one side of the range and its match on the other side of the range. Anyone with thoughts on this subject?

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This is antiques forum, try "home decorating forum" or better yet "kitchen forum" if it's a very old house try the "old house forum" as kitchens sometimes present special problems in very old houses! Good Luck!

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