Honda-light won't turn off, won't shift

ld14051February 25, 2011

I have a 2007 Honda Accord 6 cyl. I went to use it today and when I turned the key, absolutely nothing happened. Checking to be sure it was in park, I attempted to shift it to neutral and park again but it wouldn't shift. It is locked in park. I inserted the key into the override-as per owners manual-and it shifted but would not start. As the day got darker, I noticed that the dashboard is lit up with no key in it, ALL lights are off. I will say my son had been in the car last night trying to hook up his iPod with some adapter and it didn't work. Could he have blown a fuse? What could possibly have caused this?

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It remains locked in park and only shifts with the override.

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Ask you son to undo whatever he did. He may have added a lead somewhere. If this is not practical, take him along to the repair shop had have him explain to the diagnostician exactly what he attempted.

Does your vehicle require you to depress the brake pedal before it will start or allow a shift out of park? Some do.

The fact that your dash is lighted when it should not be says something's really wrong.

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Is it possible that your anti-theft system have been triggered and needs to be reset? (I no nothing about the anti-theft in your model. Consult the owners manual, or better yet, a repair manual.)

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lets assume battery is not dead. friend left lights on and drained battery. totally dead. could not shift car to neutral to push it back out of parking spot so we could jump it. so car will not crank? not sure of honda theft deterrent system. yes, have son retrace his tracks. what did he fiddle with?

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Hey, sorry for the delay. For the life of me I could not remember my password-so many of the dang things! And when I did I wasn't able to log on. It turn out the battery was totally dead. That's it. My son left the dome light on for over 18 hours. My husband hooked it up to a battery charger for a few hours and then took it out for a very long ride to recharge it and it has been fine. I still do not know how or why the dash stayed lit but car has been no trouble since the recharge.

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