Performance Enhancing Computer Chips

buckyFebruary 26, 2007

Hi Guys: I've seen a lot of information on-line and in automotive publications on replacement performance chips which are purported to increase horsepower, gas mileage and overall engine performance over the original factory equipment. I've always been reluctant to try this type of aftermarket gadget but there seems to be a lot of guys installing them, particularly the young rice rocket set. Are these things a good idea and what are the downsides of installing them? They're very inexpensive and apparently a cinch to install. Thanks

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A lot of people "chip" their turbodiesels (I drive one but haven't chipped mine). Generally, it's a decent return on your money. Chips allow you to optimize performance for what's important to you, while the chips from the factory have to cover a variety of divergent needs (performance, economy, longevity, driveability, etc.). Downsides? A performance chip may cost you some mileage. You may be driving (no pun intended) your engine closer to its limits, which might have an effect on its longevity, though there are many other factors which will have greater potential effect. The presence of an aftermarket chip will almost certainly void any warranty the manufacturer/dealer provides for the engine/drivetrain. Some chips have to be soldered onto the circuit board, making installation a semi-skilled job and swapping to the factory board difficult or impossible. That's all I'm aware of, though.

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In a few cases, a preformance chip may cause a "fail" indication during an emmissions test. One should check this out before installing one.

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