fiero question, can't find the part I need!

carcrazy02February 15, 2008

Hi! I have an 84 Pontiac Fiero. The other day I came home and turned the engine off and the radiator fan in the front stayed on. I disconnected the battery and have been searching for the part ever since. I think I need a relay, however, I can't find the part that is in my car at any auto parts store. I even went to the GM online and the part wasn't on their site! I looked for "radiator cooling fan relay", but maybe this one is called something else. When I unplug this part that is in the picture, the fan turns off, when I plug it in, the fan turns on... if the engine is running or not! Maybe it's called something else? Maybe it's just so old that I have to find it at a junk yard. I've checked Napa, Pep Boys, Advance, Autozone, and Central Auto Parts. None of them seem to have it!

This is a picture of what the one in my car looks like...

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: This is the wrong part Advance tried to sell me (first one)

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Best bet is to go to a dealer and find the oldest partsman possible. He might remember it.

I bot a 84 Bonneville new. In 1994 I needed some small carburetor part that controlled the fast idle. I had the correct name as I had the shop manual. Well they changed the name over the years. Parts man took a flying lucky guess and came up with the right thing but had never "heard it called that before."

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That piece in your hand, was every wire going to it black?

It looks like a grounding bar, or otherwise referred as a ground bus. Instead of making multiple splices, they use a "comb" inside of the bus and then connect as many grounds as they need to. I suspect the reason the fan turns off is because you are removing the ground to the control relay, or the fan ground itself.

Further diagnostics are required.......

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Oh, and about that "old" comment...... VBG....

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if you find the fan relay let me know because i need one to thanks

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What does that harness connect to????

I have that same part just lying under my driver's side headlight. (disconnected)

I have searched everywhere for the end to plug it into, but to no avail. Also, my fan hasn't worked since I bought the car a few months ago.

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Fieros... a partsman's nightmare. Good luck. Your best bet may be to find a fiero club in your area.

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you can buy this relay in acdelco (part number 15-8212)fan relay 2 stages.
if anyone can buy this relay for me letme know because i live in mexico and i cant get this relay.

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Perhaps look here...

Here is a link that might be useful: coolant fan switch

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