Wheel Balancing Beads

buckyFebruary 18, 2006

Has anyone on the list used this product to balance their tires and rims? I have a beautiful and costly set of wire wheels for my classic 66 T-Bird Convertible and have had problems keeping them balanced without using outside rim weights. These rim weights look terrible on chrome and discolor and corrode the edge of the rim over time. Would beads work better than balancing weights? Is this an economical solution to my problem? Thanks

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i have wondered about these beads also, if they work?? you might want to go with the stick on weights on the backside of the wheel where the dont show as much.

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I grew up with a 64 mg midget ... had that car forever until someone offed me too much money for it.
As a teen I bought some tire ballancers from JC Whitney - slipped on before the wheel was bolted on, about the size of your typical larger brake disc but sheet metal thin with a tube around the outside edge full of some kind of shot and lube that supposedly always kept the wheel in balance.

Seemed to do the balance job ok on that cars little wire wheels. But do have the impression it was kind of hokey micky mouse technoligy. Regular spinn ballancing of any sort works.

You used to be able to get spoke wheels balanced with spoke weights ... kind of look like fishing split shots. Then you could add matching paint for touch up or they come in chrome too from the harley shops.

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