Stodart baby grand

wade4835December 7, 2013

Hi, I recently bought a Stodart baby grand piano from my great Aunt. I can't find much information about this brand of piano on the web. It is in great shape other than probably needing new strings so that it can be properly tuned. Not sure what type of wood, Mahogony?? Any information would be appreciated, especially the age of it. The serial # is 35098. Thank you, Wade

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There is a Stodart Baby Grand Piano for sale on Ebay - asking $5000.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stodart Piano for sale - Ebay

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It is in the "_Jacobethan_ Revival" mode, a 1920's interpretation of a 1560's to 1620's baby grand piano would have looked like if they had such pianos back then (which of course they didn't).
It looks like mahogany, because I think I see some stripes, but the pic is too grainy to really tell. It should be English Oak if it followed any logic.

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Thanks for the replies. Here is smother pic of the wood. Does it tell you anything more?


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I'm going to say that you have a piano made of Cuban Mahogany, a fact which which in and of itself makes it sort of uncommon. Thankfully Stoddard did not put that awful blood-red finish on that wonderful (and now protected/extinct/out of commerce) veneer. Can't peak to the inherent quality of that brand of piano, but they did, in this case, use a very choice material for the cabinetry.

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Thanks for the feedback Casey, I really appreciate your expertise!

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