Used car scams that look really good! Beware!

freedeeFebruary 12, 2008

I would like to invite you to read the thread titled "Has anyone bought a car on Ebay?" We were almost taken. I want to warn others about this. Now there are many who have had good experiences buying cars on Ebay. There are ways that you can protect yourself, and these thieves try to make you think that you are protected,but you aren't if you do part of the transaction, or communication, outside of the Ebay networks. Remember, Ebay doesn't work through Western Union, only pay pal. If someone tries to get you to send money through Western Union, and tells you that you will be protected by Ebay, it's a scam!

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And the ripoff artists have so many good stories, too, to make you think YOU'RE the one being unreasonable when you don't want to do the transaction their way. Sadly, the internet is full of scams and scammers that hide behind the anonymity of email addresses, online trading accounts, etc.

The bottom line is, if they resist doing business in person, they're probably trying to steal from you.

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An all too common scam whether selling a car over the internet or the small ads is when a potential buyer offers to buy your car with a draft issued in excess of the asking price, and they will ask for change from you for the difference. The excuses they supply for doing business this way will vary but they are always excuses, not reasons as I can't think of any legitimate reason for doing business in this manner. If you fall for it, you let your car and a couple of thousand of your hard-earned go only to find out when it's too late that the draft you banked was either a forgery or stolen.

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I am holding 3 checks from these scams. I just played along to see how far they would go. I was selling a carpet stretcher for $100 and they sent me a bank check for $3,000. They said the extra was for shipping (shipping cost would have been around $75). Of course I was supposed to send the extra of $2,900 back to them by western union so they could pay for the shipping:-)
After playing this game 3 times I quit. I figured that with with my email address they might be able to do all kinds of things.
Anyway, the advice was right. If they offer to send you more money than you are asking's a scam.

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